Quick Look: The Auctor Roku channel consists of a single 30-second video of extremely low-quality that has no point other than to direct viewers to the Auctor website. The Spanish-language website has a statement that translates into "saves and replays the multimedia content (videos, music, TV series, movies) from many popular sites like youtube, eztv, yts, animeflv, among others." Caution - the website is loaded with ads imitating download links that are unrelated to the Auctor app.

Other than the ads, the website has links to torrent downloads and a video that supposedly explains how to install Auctor. To install Auctor on your Mac or PC, you need Internet Explorer with Silverlight. There is also an apk download for installing to Android devices. The app does not appear to provide any content on Roku

Based on the low quality of the videos, the misleading advertising, and the presence of torrent downloads of current films, exercise caution if you decide to visit the website.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Auctor Stream Player

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