Anna Montana

RokuGuide Quick Look: Let's be honest here: I don't clean my own house very often, so I'm not going to play a game cleaning cartoon houses. But I did drop two bucks and test out this game so I could pass on some information to RokuGuide readers.

The objective of the game is to clean a room within an allotted amount of time. Using the directional arrows on your remote, you pick up an item (vacuum cleaner, dust cloth, spray cleaner, etc.). Move that item to an area that needs cleaning and keep hitting the "OK" button until it's cleaned. Spilled drink on a coffee table? Pick the spray cleaner and spray the table once, then pick the cloth and hold it over the table while hitting "OK" several times. You will also need to vacuum the floor, pick up trash, and do other chores before time runs out. The one room I cleaned had an 8-minute timer. If you finish before the timer runs out, you get money that you can use to buy more and better cleaning supplies.

I haven't delved too deeply into this game, but one of the game designers at One Global Apps told me via e-mail that "for players who are inclined to continue playing, there is a robust storyline that parodies a handful of Hollywood celebrities and TV personalities." He also noted that they tried to use the Roku game controller's accelerometer/gyroscope features, but ended up designing the game to use the arrow keys, which ended up removing the "hidden object" features that are present in the original iOS version of Anna Montana.

For those who want to try before they play, a free demo version of this game is also available.

NOTE: This channel will only play on Roku 2 players.

-- Information is current as of August 24, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: The hippest housekeeper in town makes her debut on Roku! Practice your time- and resource-management skills as you take Anna Montana through Glamour Lane in gorgeous HD. Do laundry, vacuum, mop, and organize the homes of eccentric - yet familiar - individuals, all to help send Anna to school.

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