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Adeys TV Quick Look: If you are looking for old network reruns then Adeys TV is not for you. Adeys TV consists of original content in both on demand and live stream television. The channel consists of independent films and series television that would not be considered mainstream entertainment. A majority of the films are selections from assorted film festivals from various countries. You will find a mix of movie shorts, documentaries, and full length films from around the world.

The television series consist of shows like White Noise and Paranormal Intent - both cover topics that look into the paranormal in both the US and the UK. The Midnight Hour is the other series that can best be described as a modern day "Twilight Zone" meets "The Outer Limits".

-- Information is current as of June 25, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: ADEYS TV offers full length, original movies and television. Television and film comedy, drama and documentary. We offer great programming on food, travel, financial, international movies and much more to satisfy your TV cravings. Get lost in ADEYS!

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