A Star TV

Quick Look: A Star TV carries videos covering a range of topics that include the following:

  • Sports/Gaming - Soccer, Game Zone, Fight, Xtrem Sports
  • Travel - Dream Destinations, International Cuisine, Hong Kong Street Food, Posh Ports, Ocean Safari, Travel Geek, The Hostel Life, Jump on Board, On the Road
  • Cartoon/How To - Classic Cartoons, Beauty Tips, Learn Stuff

Many of the categories have only one video, and many are short YouTube-style videoes. Xtrem Sports, for example, has a 2-minute video titled "Downhill Bike Party UR TEAM" and 1-minute clips that cover surfing, mountaing biking, and other activities. If you're looking for original content, however, you may want to check out the "A Star Original" category, which has four series: The Late Show with Heaven Mozart, The Cam Hill Show, Tell It Like It Is, and Love in Black.

The Roku Channel Store description claims you can watch live newscasts and "the latest episodes of your favorite TV series," but we didn't see any newscasts and the only TV series were three shows that we never heard of.

-- Information is current as of August 7, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Use our app to watch exclusive content and live stream A Star TV shows. Catch the latest episodes of your favorite TV series. Get more live and on-demand video than ever before, including live newscasts, and choose customized alerts based on your interests. The A Star TV app gives you full access to all the reality, drama, and movies A Star TV has to offer. New full episodes and movies, plus behind-the-scenes and preview clips, are added every day!

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