6-Ball puzzle

6-Ball puzzle is a 2-player falling block puzzle game modeled after the game of the same name in Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics for the Nintendo Switch. Similar to Tetris or Bejeweled, each player is given a "well" into which pieces are dropped. (Although this is a two-player game, one of the players in the Roku version is the machine.) Each piece consists of 3 balls, with each ball being one of 5 different colors (see screenshot below). Connect balls of the same color to remove the connected group of pieces, including balls of other colors that are part of the connected pieces. The objective is to continue connecting, and thus removing, pieces until your well, or your opponent's well, fills to the top. The first to fill their well loses.

To play, use the Left/Right directional buttons on your remote to move the pieces left and right. The Down button will immediately drop the piece. Rotate the active piece counterclockwise using the Replay button. Placing a piece so that it isn't balanced will cause it to tumble down. Creating special shapes will drop balls on the opponent that cannot be manipulated - line, pyramid, hexagon.

Creating special shapes, like a line or hexagon, will cause pieces to fall into the opponent's well. You can also set options like Handicap, which raises the bottom of the well so there is less space to work with, and Guide, which lets you see exactly where a piece will land before you drop it. Full instructions are available in the game (go to Rules from the main menu), which are the same as those found in the GameFAQS Strategy Guide for the Nintendo Switch version of 6-Ball Puzzle.

-- Information is current as of October 7, 2022


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DEVELOPER: Potator Gator

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