24 Flix

Quick Look: 24 Flix is a subscription based channel offering a collection of original and vintage public domain movies, shorts, and series from independent production companies. The content is categorized according to genre that you can browse through with subscribing to the channel. Categories include:

  • Movies - A mix of original productions
  • Entertainment - News, reviews and interviews
  • TV Series - 8 Independent series containing varying numbers of episodes
  • Short Films- 8 independent productions
  • Classics- 16 Vintage movies
  • Faith and Christianity - 8 series and shorts
  • Documentaries - 8 videos available
  • Inspirational- A mix of 8 shorts and series
  • Comedy - A mix of 8 comedy shorts and series

Content is promised to contain no profanity, extreme violence, sex, or nudity, and to have a maximum rating of PG-13.

There is no unlocked content available to non-subscribers.

-- Information is current as of March 21, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Watch unlimited Family-Friendly Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Sports with the entire family. Enjoy your favorite classic movies and shows and hundreds of content without profanity, extreme violence, sex, and nudity. Whatever you enjoy, we've got you covered, Drama, Action, Comedy, Romance and educational programming. Watch live events and coverage right on your phone, tablet or television. All of our content have a maximum rating of PG-13. We are continuously adding new and fresh content for you and your family to enjoy.

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FEES: $3.99/monthly subscription