Published on: November 11, 2011

Roku Channel Review - The X FactorAre you a fan of Simon Cowell's The X Factor on Fox? If so, you will want to add The X Factor's Roku channel to your lineup. Catch up on missed shows, or just replay videos of your favorite performances. Click here for the full RokuGuide review of The X Factor's Roku channel.

Published on: November 11, 2011

New Roku Channel - Ultra Television MexicoSpanish-speaking Roku viewers should be pleased that another Spanish-language channel is available on the Roku. Ultra Television Mexico is now available in the Channel Store. Ultra Television Mexico brings entertainment, news, sports and pop music videos to the Roku.

Published on: November 9, 2011

New Roku Channel - FandorA new movie channel, Fandor, was added to the Roku Channel Store today. With a professionally curated library of more than 2,500 films of historic or artistic merit, indie film festival fans should find a lot to like here. Click here for more information and to read the full RokuGuide review of the Fandor channel.

Published on: November 8, 2011

NRA Life of DutyA new channel was added to the Roku channel store today. NRA Life of Duty is promoted as a channel "specifically for individuals who go to work every day protecting, defending, and fighting for the safety of the American people." However, the rest of us may also enjoy some of the videos on this channel.

Published on: October 31, 2011

New Roku Channel - Wall Street Journal LiveSix weeks after launching as an app on iPad app and several smart TV services, Wall Street Journal Live is now on Roku.

Published on: October 30, 2011

RateRixYouTube is one of the most-requested channels that does not yet exist on Roku. Until an official YouTube channel is launched, RateRix will help you get your fill of YouTube videos. While it doesn't have the full functionality of YouTube, it does offer several useful features. Click here to read the rest of the RokuGuide review of the RateRix Roku channel.

Published on: October 29, 2011

PopcornflixUrban Dictionary defines a popcorn flick as "a movie that is mindless fun and has one thing (special effects, action, etc) and nothing else." That defines most of the offerings on the appropriately-named Popcornflix channel. These movies may be mindless, but they are fun, and they give movie lovers another great Roku entertainment choice.

Published on: October 28, 2011

CNBCCNBC's new Roku channel offers a unique combination of app interaction and video content. The channel provides real-time stock quotes that are linked to videos on the quoted stocks, and you have the ability to set up your own portfolio within the channel. Click here to read the rest of the RokuGuide review of the CNBC's Roku channel.