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NBC News recently updated their Roku channel to provide more live-stream video. When you launch the channel, it will autoplay "Top Stories". Don't be fooled into thinking this is a live broadcast, though. Even if a "live" banner is displayed on the screen, you are watching a previously-aired video that may be several hours old - or even from the previous day. Unlike the CBS News Roku channel, which airs the live CBSN broadcast, NBC News does not broadcast live on Roku.

To exit out of the live-stream, press the back arrow on your Roku remote to access the NBC News menu. Across the top of this menu you will find featured categories that currently include Top Stories, The Today Show, Decision 2016, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Morning Joe, The Rachel Maddow Show, and Meet the Press. Selecting any one of these categories will result in an autoplay video stream of segments from the selected show or news category. While the video is playing, press the down arrow on your remote to select from other videos available for that show or category.

What may not be readily apparent is that there are 30 additional video categories if you scroll below the featured categories. Just a few of the current VOD categories are:

  • Top News
  • Trump: The First 100 Days
  • U.S. News
  • Weather
  • NBC News Mach
  • Morning Joe
  • The Rachel Maddow Show
  • Hardball
  • All In
  • Interviews
  • Special Features
  • Nightly News Latest Broadcast
  • MSNBC Cable Highlights

Expect at least some of these categories to change based on current events.

More content from NBC is available on the Roku channels NBC, NBC Sports, and CNBC.

-- Information is current as of May 16, 2017

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