The Best Roku Channels for Grindhouse Films

July 23, 2014 - 21:04 -- RokuGuide

Grindhouse Channels on Roku Grindhouse is a genre of movies that may not appeal to the masses, but if you like gritty, borderline offensive, over the top movies, we have some Roku channel recommendations for you. For a movie to be deemed a grindhouse film it must contain a fair amount of sex, violence, or bizarre subject matter. While every movie listed may not appeal to you, a vast majority of the movies found on these channels fit the description very well. You will find over the top subject matter, gratuitous violence and nudity, and movie themes that make you scratch your head and wonder why.

The Grindhouse Channel is a recent addition to the Roku channel store. This channel offers an extensive library of classic B movies, cult classics, and hard to find films that span the ages of grindhouse themed movies. The movies are separated into categories ranging in content from Action and Exploitation to Sci-Fi and more. New content is added weekly to keep you coming back for more. The movies all run uncut and are commercial free.

Midnight Pulp offers movie titles like Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (2008), Frauleins in Uniform (1973), Bong of the Dead (2011), and Return to Blood Fart Lake (2012). How can you go wrong? This channel takes Grindhouse one step beyond with some additional content that may not fall into the traditional grindhouse description, but definitely contains bizarre subject matter. Some of the categories included on this channel are Cheesy, Foreign, Horror/Splatter, and Reality & Docs. The library is not quite as extensive as some of the other channels, but their content is up to par. The channel is free but there are commercial interruptions; for $0.99/movie you can watch commercial-free.

Full Moon offers a slightly different approach to the grindhouse-themed channel. Here you will find a variety of choices, some of which are considered "Family Friendly". However, most movies would not be considered appropriate for all ages. This channel does offer content the others do not, including Bonus Media, Behind the Scenes, Interviews, and Merchandise. This channel offers 24-hour rentals for $2.99 per movie, or $6.99 for a monthly subscription.

Cultorama is another edgy channel with a grindhouse theme. The library is not quite as extensive, but the content is unique, meaning not much overlap with other channels reviewed. Here you can watch famed producer Peter Jackson's first attempts in movie production: Bad Taste (1987) and Meet the Feebles (1989); definitely not "Lord of the Rings" quality. New content is added on a regular basis. The channel is free but the movies do have commercial interruptions; for $0.99 the movies will run uninterrupted.

The Cult Movie Network has the most extensive library of on demand video of all the grindhouse themed channels, with over 200 titles in the Horror category alone. You will also find an abundance of movies in categories like Action, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Martial Arts. Explore film titles like Vampire Whores from Outer Space (2005), Quest for the Egg Salad (2002), and Redneck Country Fever (2001). The channel requires you to link your Roku device and subscribe to the channel. The monthly rate is $2.99, or a yearly rate of $35.00.

Cryptic Television is our last but not least Grindhouse themed channel. The channel offers both on demand and live stream for when you don't want to make a decision. This is another one of the channels that offers a slightly different library than your traditional grindhouse fare. Not to worry though, there is still the violence, sex and questionable content that makes this a truly unique channel. The channel is free but the movies do have commercial interruptions.

Grindhouse films are not limited to these channels, but these half-dozen suggestions are sure to keep grindhouse fans entertained for many hours.