No Roku Channel for That? Try the iTunes Podcast Channel

June 12, 2013 - 19:39 -- RokuGuide

iTunes Podcasts A common question I get at is whether Roku offers a channel dedicated to a specific topic such as painting, jazz music, or scuba diving. While there are some narrowly-focused Roku channels, such as Koi TV, with its videos on koi health, koi pond tours, and interviews with koi hobbyists, there are many more topics that Roku users want to see.

If you can't find a Roku channel addressing the subject matter you're interested in, your best option is to visit the iTunes Podcasts channel. This is a private channel that offers free access to thousands of iTunes audio and video podcasts. Simply use the search function in this Roku channel to search on your choice of topics.

I recently had a reader asking if there were any painting instruction shows, similar to The Joy of Painting. While that series is not available, a search on "painting" does return several video podcasts of painting lessons.

You don't need the iTunes application on your computer to use the iTunes Podcasts channel, and neither do you need to have an iTunes account. Click here for more information on the iTunes Podcasts channel.