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Bring Your Music Collection to Your Roku with Amazon Cloud Player App

December 13, 2012 - 19:50 -- RokuGuide

Amazon Cloud PlayerAmazon Cloud Player users can now access their music collection on the Roku. The Amazon Cloud Player app provides access to all of your Amazon MP3 music purchases, as well as any iTunes or ripped-from-CD tracks that you upload.

Unless you've already imported your music collection into the Amazon Cloud Player or have a small music collection, this app may be of most interest to those who purchase a lot of music from Amazon, as all of those songs are stored for free. Your first 250 imported songs are also free; after that you'll pay $25 per year for up to 250,000 songs. Google Music, meanwhile, lets you upload 20,000 songs for free, and you can listen to the first 5,000 using the Nowhere Music private channel.

Click here for more information on the Amazon Cloud Player Roku app, including the installation link.