Unlimited streaming or pay as you go with a library of over 100,000 movies that include exclusive content and the hottest pornstars.

SugarInstant started out as SugarDVD and was known as the Netflix of porn, offering rentals of adult DVDs by mail. But SugarInstant is now a leading adult streaming service, providing unlimited and pay-as-you-go streaming from a library of over 100,000 movies with new content added daily.

Roku has removed all adult channels but you can still enjoy SugarInstant on your Roku! Instructions for screen mirroring from your Android or iOS mobile device are provided below.

Whether you're an unlimited subscriber or streaming with Pay Per Minute, SugarInstant makes it easy to find the super-hot triple-X porn you're looking for while mirroring from your mobile device. Unlike many other adult websites, SugarInstant is easy to navigate on your Android or iOS, offers free video previews, and lets you switch to full-screen viewing so that the video makes full use of the TV that you are mirroring on.

When you visit the SugarInstant website, select either Unlimited Streaming or Pay Per View and you will have the option to browse videos by New Movies, Most Popular, Trending, Categories, or Studios. Looking for something specific? Start with Categories where there are over 400 to choose from - everything from 18+ Schoolgirls to Yoga. Hey, who doesn't want to watch some hot yoga sex? If that doesn't sound like something you're into, how about Pirates, Trailer Trash, or Mardi Gras?

SugarInstant Subscription and Payment Options

As stated above, SugarInstant offers both unlimited and pay-as-you-go plans:

SugarInstant Unlimited Porn - SugarInstant Unlimited subscribers have access to thoughts of movies that include SugarInstant exclusive content and the hottest pornstars, with new content added every day. Many titles are available in 4K and HD video. An unlimited subscription only $9.99/month, or subscribe to an annual membership for only $99.99/year and get a 10% discount on purchases. Both plans come with a 2-day free trial.

Purchase, Rent, or Pay-per-Minute - Not ready for an unlimited subscription? You can watch over 100,000 movies for as little as 8¢ per minute, purchased in packages ranging in price from $3.99 for 15 minutes to $499.99 for 5800 minutes + 300 free minutes. Create a free SugarInstant account and get 15 free PPM minutes!

If you want a full film and not use minutes, options include 2-day rentals, lifetime streaming, and purchase for download. Prices vary by title, but typically cost around $6 to rent, $10 for lifetime streaming, and $20 to purchase. Individual scenes are also available.

How to Stream SugarInstant on Roku

You can stream SugarInstant on your Roku by mirroring the screen on your Android or iOS device. Complete details can be found here, but we provide a summary below:

  1. With your mobile device and your Roku on the same WiFi network, enable the screen mirroring feature on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Select the Roku device you want to mirror to.
  3. Go to the SugarInstant website on your mobile device.
  4. Start streaming any video or free preview on the SugarInstant website, then click the icon to expand the video to full screen in the lower right corner of the video.
  5. The video playing on your mobile device will now be streaming full-screen on your TV.

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