Telenovelas Offer Hot Latin Drama on Roku

September 1, 2014 - 12:30 -- RokuGuide

Telenovelas on DramaFever A telenovela is a serial drama, similar to a soap opera. But unlike American soap operas with characters and storylines that can continue for decades, a Latin telenovela comes to an end in less than a year. In the U.S. you'll usually find them only on Spanish-language channels, but Roku users can enjoy several telenovela series on the DramaFever channel, where they play with optional English subtitles.

Telenovelas currently available on DramaFever include:

  • Una Maid in Manhattan (A Maid in Manhattan) - This series tells the story of Marisa Luján (Litzy), who runs a small hotel in a village in Michoacan. Before the events shown in the show, she falls in love with Victor, an American man who visits Michoacán every year for the Christmas holidays. She becomes pregnant with Victor's child.[1]
  • Aurora - Set in New York City, the story begins in 1990 with a 20-year-old dancer, Aurora, who attends New York School of the Arts with her two bestfriends. One night after a dance rehearsal, they all go to a bar, where Aurora meets a Lorenze, a dance instructor and single father. Aurora and Lorenzo fall madly in love. [2]
  • Montecristo - The story of Santiago Diaz Herrera, a young man who apparently seems to have it all: love, a future, family, success. Life has been kind of him, the doors of the whole world are opened to him. But the treachery of those around will turn everything into hell.[3]

Click here for a full list of telenovelas available on DramaFever.

The first episode of each telenovela is free to watch. Additional episodes in a series are availably only to premium subscribers. Subscriptions are $9.99 per month, but a free 7-day trial is available.

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