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Quick Look: ZTV, Ziplines, Outdoor, Adventures, Zip Away, also known as Zipaway TV, is billed as a "new, exciting, adventure show, featuring one of the zipline industry's leading experts, builder and operators, Experience Based Learning (EBL)." In this show, EBL owner Steve Gustafson travels to zipline courses, visits potential zipline locations, and oversees zipline construction and training. The primary attraction on this channel is three seasons of this show.

This channel also has a six-part series that takes "a closer look at equipment and practices in the zip line, ropes courses, and aerial adventure parks industry." The series description states that this is vintage food, although "much is considered still relevant today." Also available are two "Zipline Project Location Snippets" that consist of 2- and 3-minute videos from Maui and Vegas, five "documentaries" that include a 3-part series on the effects of the covid shutdowns on the music/entertainment industry, and six music videos.

The channel menu lists a preview video for non-subscribers, but it was not working at the time of our review. The Zip AwayYouTube channel, however has a collection of free videos including the example below.

-- Information is current as of April 16, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: An exciting adventure show featuring one of the zip line, aerial adventure, and ropes challenge course industry's leading experts, builder and operator, Experience Based Learning (EBL). Zip Away is self-contained show, featuring organic and authentic video of EBL zip line and aerial adventure courses. Show content is a blend of documentary style content, technical information, and 'real people', not paid actors. Owner Steve Gustafson travels to multiple locations, meets new people, and oversees his crew. The show features site visits to perspective locations, construction of zip lines, training, crew interactions, and operations. You’ll join Steve on the good and bad days.

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DEVELOPER: Zip Away Productions, LLC / EBL

FEES: $2.99/month after 7-day free trial