Quick Look: zoneify, also known as Zone TV, is a curated collection of videos from trendy magazines and Internet outlets. Videos are available in many different categories that include the following plus several more:

  • Foodies - Cook along with your favorite chefs, put a modern twist on classic meals, and tantalize your taste buds with restaurant reviews and travel shows from all over the world.
  • Inform - Our world is full of wonder, excitement, news, and views – it’s all about being “in the know.” Inform has everything you need on the subjects you enjoy and care about.
  • Level Up - Take your gaming and entertainment interests to the next level with daily content from your favorite vloggers and gamers. Simply put, in the world of gaming news and info, Level Up is “Final Boss.”
  • Brainiac - Go to space with NASA, learn enlightening science facts, or keep up to date with the latest gadgets in the tech world. Brainiac has the information to satisfy your scholarly inner geek.
  • Styler - Dedicated to bringing programming geared towards modern women. Today’s woman can find style tips, dating advice, home improvement, fitness, travel, and more in Styler.
  • Playground - Kids can check out popular characters, read exciting stories, or engage in fun learning exercises. Playground engages young children to read and enjoy entertaining videos with positive family values.
  • Hangout - Everyone needs a Hangout, and this is a place teens can call their own. Teen culture, social media, style, and entertainment

Navigtion on this channel is very poor and confusing. The menu bar is only available for a few seconds before it disappears and does not immediately return to a static "Home Screen" so you will be constantly back tracking looking for content in other categories. Another complaint would be that the first video in a category automatically plays before you select something to watch.

-- Information is current as of July 26, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Discover over 50,000 videos from the world’s biggest brands, expertly curated and personalized just for you using Artificial Intelligence. The more you watch, the more it learns!

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