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Zinnia TV is promoted as a channel that is designed to improve the quality of life for people living with mid- to late-stage memory loss or dementia by bolstering a sense of identity and fostering connection with loved ones and care partners at home and in long-term care settings. What the channel provides is a collection of professionally-produced videos that are soothing and easy-to-follow in categories that include the following:

  • All Day - 39 Videos
  • Nature - 25 Videos
  • Activities of Daily Living - 12 Videos
  • Friendly Messages - 9 Videos
  • Animals - 21 Videos
  • Places -30 Videos
  • Interests - 51 Videos
  • Sing-Alongs - 10 Videos
  • Nostelgia -30 Videos
  • Fun & Games - 24 Videos
  • Foreign Language - 4 Videos
  • Holidays - 9 Videos

According to Zinnia TV, the videos provide the following benefits:

  • Research Driven - Crafted by dementia experts, artists and care professionals. Uplifting, slow-paced, plot-free. Perfect for those preferring a gentler viewing experience.
  • Ideal for Engagement - Zinnia TV’s videos prompt discussion, singing, and intellectual stimulation with conversation starter videos, trivia games, sing-alongs and more.
  • Reminiscence and Reconnection - Zinnia TV videos promote reminiscence and reconnection to once loved pastimes.
  • Soothe Distress - Zinnia TV videos can reestablish a sense of ease during episodes of uncertainty or distress.
  • Creates Connection - People giving and receiving care benefit from a shared viewing experience.
  • Promote Self-care - At home or in professional care settings, Zinnia TV’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL) videos ease transitions throughout the day and help prepare people for the basic tasks of life, such as getting clean, staying hydrated, or winding down for sleep.
  • Better than Regular TV - Regular TV can be distressing people no longer able to process rapidly moving images and audio, tell fact from fiction, or follow a plot. Regular TV can trigger unwanted behaviors or daytime napping, which can lead to restlessness at night.

Some content on the Zinnia TV Roku channel is free, but most categories and videos are locked. The Zinnia TV YouTube channel contains sample videos, including the one shown below.

-- Information is current as of September 21, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Life-enhancing videos for people experiencing memory loss and cognitive changes.

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DEVELOPER: Zinnia Technologies Inc

FEES: $6.99/month with a 14-day free trial