Quick Look: All Roku users have free access to short videos showing how to do specific poses. These videos are provided under categories such as arm balances & extensions, core work, and standing poses. In November 2012, YogaVibes upgraded their Roku channel to allow paid subscribers access to all content that is available on the YogaVibes website, including all full-length yoga videos.

According to YogaVibes, "[s]ubscribers will also be able to search content by yoga teacher or focus, as well as have access to a favorites library. Having access to a favorites library will allow subscribers to use the robust searching functionality of the site, mark videos as favorites, and then easily access favorite yoga videos when using the Roku box."

YogaVibes describes their video library as a "collection of yoga videos for alignment tips, inspirational sequences, secret yoga tricks, full-length practices, and more... Also, find short meditation and breathing exercises to calm the mind and body. YogaVibes is highly accessible - appropriate for both the beginning yoga student desiring to learn more and the advanced yoga practitioner seeking review and more intelligence in the practice."

-- Information is current as of November 24, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: We know, your life gets more complicated every day. It is hard to find a moment to breath, let alone come to your mat. Let us help. Stream classes with YogaVibes. Go ahead, unroll your mat. Sweat. Unwind. Welcome to your new favorite studio.

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FEES: Short videos are free; unlimited access to all online yoga classes is $20/month or $200/year. Subscriptions can be purchased at