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Quick Look: Yeti To Work is a talent acquisition firm serving the Rochester, New York area. Their Roku channel provides job listings from local companies and includes relevant information on how to apply, including a QR code you can scan with your mobile device. The channel currently has only nine positions listed, including a hairstylist, folder gluer operator and payroll specialist. Jobs are listed by location (currently, Rochester and Buffalo) and by function (currently, Administrative, Human Resources, Sales, Skilled Labor, and Other).

The job listings on the Yeti To Work Roku channel include videos, but they are a very inefficient way of obtaining information. Most of the videos start with the same lead-in that shows photos of someone in a Yeti costume in several outdoor and office locations, and then present slides of text explaining the job requirements and benefits. This seems like a missed opportunity to show scenes of the actual workplace (sans cheap Abominable Snowman costume) with business owners and current employees discussing why you would enjoy working at the firm.

Jobseekers would be better off going directly to the Yeti To Work website to explore available job opportunities.

-- Information is current as of October 17, 2018

Roku Channel Store Channel Description: This channel exists to provide job seekers with a quick video of available jobs and a method for them to express interest in those jobs.

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