Xtreme Hip Hop Streaming

Quick Look: Xtreme Hip Hop Streaming is fitness program that utilizes hip hop music and dance moves in its fitness routines. The routines are led by founder, and certified trainer Phillip Weeden who sets the pace for these classes.

A majority of the content requires a subscription, but there is a free collection of videos that introduce you to this style of fitness training. Routines are available for different levels of ability from beginners to advanced, so jump right in and follow along.

The Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil YouTube channel offers free full-length videos as well as trailers for many of the videos found on this channel, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of February 24, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Xtreme Fitness with Phil is a fitness movement created by the certified group and personal trainer Phillip Weeden out of Cleveland, OH. The Xtreme Streaming app allows you to stream the Live Stream Archives and also view his hit programs that are sweeping the world such as: The Trilogy (Double Disc CD), Beginners Step, and Xtreme Burn!

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DEVELOPER: Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil

FEES: $14.99/month or $179.00/year for full access