Quick Look: XITE is a music video app that offers live videos streams in the following categories:

  • Genres - Select from any of the following dozen genres: Pop Nation, Rap Royalty, R& B Feels, Siempre Latino, Country Today, All Out Dance, Indie Wave, Rock On, Headbangers, K-World, Afro Heat, Caribbean Riddim
  • Decades - Over a dozen streams of classic tunes including 00s Throwback, 80s Throwback, 90s Rap/Hip-Hop, and 90s Alternative
  • Essentials - Must-watch videos in categories like Party Essentials, Latin, Dance, Country, and Rock/Alternative
  • Moods - Find videos for any mood in categories that include In The Sheets, Sad Songs, Just Chill, and Mind Flowers
  • Themes - Over two dozen collections of themed videos that cover Sing Along, Festival Favorites, Pride Hits, Celebrity Cameo, and more
  • Fresh - These up-to-the moment streams currently include Summer Vibes, Hits Now, Trending, and Fourth Of July

Although you can't select individual videos as you can on VEVO, pressing the right arrow on you Roku remote will let you skip the current video. The up button will mark the video as a favorite.

-- Information is current as of July 5, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: There’s always something to enjoy on XITE. From the freshest new videos, to emerging artists to your favorite throwbacks, it’s all there. How does XITE’s personalized music video experience work? Our team of music video experts adds new videos to XITE every day. There are over 60 themed channels, from genres and moods to essentials and the newest releases. Creating an XITE account allows you to personalize your experience by liking and skipping videos. The more you like and skip videos, the more personalized your experience will be. You can save your liked videos to the ‘Your Likes’ channel. With our special feature, ‘Mixer’, you can select a genre, decade and style to create your perfect music video mix.

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