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WWII Streaming Channel is an app from World War II Foundation that has been honored with the American Public Television National Programming Excellence Award. The non-profit WWII Foundation "honors the legacy of the veterans and survivors of one of history's most crucial periods by producing educational documentary films (34 to date), with several more in post-production). The documentaries air on television networks around the world via American Public Television."

You'll also find these films on the WWII Streaming Channel Roku app, which has collections covering D-Day, The Pacific, and Pearl Harbor, along with additional films outside of these collections. Titles include A Company of Heroes: Untold Stories From the Band of Brothers, Lifeline: Pearl Harbor's Unknown Hero, and Elvis and the Arizona.

A video from the WWII Streaming ChannelYouTube channel is shown below.

-- Information is current as of November 23, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: The WWII Foundation dedicates itself to expanding our understanding of the greatest war in history. Its ongoing research, investigation and filmmaking brings you new perspectives and stories relevant to our world today. From personal profiles and storytelling from eyewitnesses, to modern-day archaeology and discoveries, the WWII Streaming Channel is the home of some of the best WWII documentaries covering all aspects of the war. All films are free to watch. You can discover more about The WWII Foundation and support the ongoing research with an in-app donation.

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