World Clock Screensaver

World Clock Screensaver lets you keep track of the current time in up to four favorite cities, in addition to showing your local time. After selecting your cities, as described below, the screensaver will display your local time and the time in your selected cities while your Roku is idle.

Here is how to install and set up World Clock Screensaver on your Roku:

  • Install this screensaver as you would any other channel.
  • From your Roku's home screen menu go to Settings >> Theme >> Screensavers.
  • Select this screensaver under "My screensaver" and then select Change screensaver settings.
  • Select your cities, exit the screen, and select "Set as screensaver".

-- Information is current as of October 26 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: The World Clock Screensaver shows current time and timeshift in different locations around the world. Install this Roku application and stop calculating the time in your favorite location. Never miss your online event due to wrong time calculation.

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DEVELOPER: drodine

FEES: None

World Clock Screensaver Roku screenshot
World Clock Screensaver Roku screenshot