Wool Designs

Quick Look: Wool Design features videos from the KnitcroAddict YouTube channel that teach people of all skill levels how to crochet and knit fun and useful objects such as hats, scarves, blankets, socks and sweaters. The videos offer no audio instructions, only physical demonstrations with written narrations that explain the stitch pattern.

Videos are available in three categories - Knitting, Crochet and Learning - with patterns that ranges in content from very basic stitches to advanced techniques. One of the videos currently available on the Wool Design YouTube channel can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of June 3, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: A very relaxing and useful hobby at the gasp of your hand! This channel will give you the basic steps to start your journey on knitting. Enjoy how to make your own blankets, sweaters, and more! Download today for free and start learning!

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DEVELOPER: Bitabeats Media Ltd Corp.

FEES: None