Quick Look: Wisecrack features a large collection of videos from the Wisecrack YouTube channel, which is "a collective of academics, filmmakers, artists, and pop culture junkies who are curious and contemplative about the world around us. Our channel explores big ideas like philosophy and critical thinking through the lens of movies, TV shows, video games, current events, books, and more."

Shows available on the Wisecrack Roku channel include:

  • DEEP OR DUMB? - Question whether your favorite things are profound or not.
  • WHAT WENT WRONG? - Explore why your favorite properties could've been a whole lot better.
  • 8-BIT PHILOSOPHY - Learn PHILOSOPHY from classic video games. Shiny little pixels answer humanity's most important questions.
  • THUG NOTES - Explore LITERATURE with yo' boy Sparky Sweets, PhD. It's classic literature, original gangster.

Several other video categories are available, including Wisecrack on South Park: Respect Our Authoritah!, Star Wars Explained by Wisecrack, Wisecrackin' Anime: The Smart Side of Our Favorites, and Earthling Cinema: Movies Through the Eyes of an Alien.

An example of the videos available from Wisecrack can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of June 9, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Wisecrack explores the smart side of pop culture. Get the scoop on the philosophy behind your favorite shows, or what went wrong with some of Hollywood's biggest disasters.

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DEVELOPER: Omnia Media

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