WinnersView Quick Look: Winnersview offers a behind the scenes look at some of the NBA's and NHL's best teams, along with a few other sports and some movies.

The channel focuses on three NBA teams: the Dallas Mavericks, Washington Wizards, and Minnesota Timberwolves; and 3 NHL teams: the Washington Capitals, Dallas Stars, and Minnesota Wild. Most of what you get are behind the scenes videos from charity events, meet-and-greets, and a few obscure player/management interviews.

In addition to the NBA and NHL videos there are a few videos covering Major League Lacrosse, and a few surf and skateboard videos. If you are looking for sports-themed movies, there is a category for that as well. Since the channel was developed by Snagfilms they threw a handful of Ssports movies in there, most of which would fall into the documentary genre.

The channel asks you to link your Roku; this is not required but it offers the advantage of letting you update your queue and preferences, which can be updated at anytime on their website.

Note that certain videos may give an error "this content is not available in your area".

-- Information is current as of April 7, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Washington D.C., Dallas and Minneapolis NBA and NHL fans: see a new perspective on your favorite teams with unique insider video. We'll also give you games from Major League Lacrosse, highlights from action sports, and more - all FREE

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DEVELOPER: Snagfilms

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