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Whitebox Play provides on-demand concerts, live events, original series, and other music-related content. Following is just a sampling of what's available on Whitebox Play:

  • FEU DE CAMP (Campfire) - A musical series in a friendly, unplugged format with artists, known and loved by Quebec audiences, who chat and perform songs from their repertoire.
  • Live Events - Upcoming events at the time of our review include Corneille Encre Rose: The Experience, Ryan Kennedy Libertine, adn Marjolaine Morasse On se deracine.
  • WhiteBox Play Sessions - Follow Lysandre Nadeau as she sits down with up-and-acoming artists to chat about recently released songs, past hits, and stories behind the recordings.
  • Songwriters - Artists will meet for the first time and will be challenged to compose a new song within 24h while being cut off from the world in an isolated cabin.
  • Live With - The recording studio is a space like no other. Lifelong relationships are formed there. The walls have witnessed a creative process which will impact the lives of generations. You can sense that legacy. Our ‘Live With’ series takes you there.

Offerings are a mix of subscription and pay-per-view.

-- Information is current as of December 16, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: WhiteBox Play is a global Multimedia Entertainment streaming service dedicated to offering a variety of music related programming. Exclusive Live Music Events, Original Music Series, Podcasts, Music Variety Shows and much more, all commercial-free, with unlimited viewing on any internet-connected device at an affordable, no-contract monthly subscription or a one-time PREMIUM pay-per-view purchase. WhiteBox Play offers a rich and diverse year-round digital program and presents both emerging and established artists with national and even international recognition.

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DEVELOPER: WhiteBox Play

FEES: $7.99/month after a 1-month free trial