Whacked Out

Whacked Out carries videos from the syndicated TV series Whacked Out Videos, which features sports fails and bloopers. Episode titles include "Bobbing for trout, it's the Hong Kong Waiter race, ride with a chimp, and more!" and "We've got revenge of the birds, the game show where you smash bottles over your head and more!" Other video categories on this channel include the following:

  • Knockout Sports World - Titles include "The baddest man on the planet, Mike Tyson, delivers a killer left hook, and more!" and "Frank Shamrock gets booted straight out of the ring and onto the floor in a pancrase KO you will not forget!"
  • Whacked Out Sports - Titles include "Catfish nibbling on hillbillies, and a bad jump for the mullet chump" and "Extreme ironing an waterskiing horses!"
  • Monster Knockout - Titles include "The great Oscar De La Hoya unleashes an electrifying flurry of fists on his way to the belt!" and "A fighter called 'The Gorilla' goes bananas on an NFL veteran's face!"
  • Sports Crash - Titles include "A motorcycle mad man leaves everything, including his finger, on the track, and more!" and "Some downhill skateboarders wish they could find a spray that cures road rash!"
  • Sport-A-Palooza - Titles include "A karate klutz takes humiliating spills at a high level martial arts competition" and "A weight lifter goes for the world record of weird when he straps weights to his earlobes"
  • Whacked Out Comedy with Rifftax - A Mystery Science Theater 3000 knock-off without the silhouettes, with unseen viewers commenting on shows such as Ator, the Fighting Eagle and Attack of the Puppet People.
  • Whacked Out Feature Films - Over two dozen films like Bong of the Living Dead, National Lampoon's Another Dirty Movie, and Glitch.
  • Whacked Out World of Wrestling - Matches that include Abdullah the Butcher, Scott Casey, Adrian Adonis, Tully Blanchard, and others.

As you can see, most of the content is sports-related other than Rifftax and Feature Films. One of the Whacked Out Videos available on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of August 25, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: WHACKED OUT is an American syndicated (NBC & FOX) reality television series which features professional and amateur videos of sports-related mishaps, crashes and bloopers. If it's WHACKED OUT, you'll find it here for Free today!

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DEVELOPER: Stream Go Media, LLC

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