WeatherNation offers Roku users 24/7 weather reporting through a live video feed, plus video on demand current local weather conditions, local forecasts, radar, and weather maps.

If it's your first time loading the WeatherNationTV channel, you will be prompted to select a location by city or zip code. That will be your home location, which loads on all future visits to the channel, but you can select settings in the upper right corner of the screen to save additional locations. (While you're there, make sure you select your preference from Fahrenheit or Celcius.) Once you've added additional locations, you can move between them with the up and down directional buttons on your Roku remote.

After your home city is set up, the WeatherNationTV home screen will launch with that city's current conditions and a thumbnail of the live WeatherNation feed (see screenshots below). From that home screen, you can select from the following options:

Live Broadcast - If you want to watch the live WeatherNation video feed, highlight and press the "OK" button on your remote to view it full screen.

Video on Demand - Select the "Weather on demand" button below the live feed if you prefer video on demand. If you're looking for general interest weather videos, you'll find them on the first two rows under Digital Drop, Space & Science, and Weather Remix. But most viewers will probably be looking for specific forecast information from the live broadcast. To find those videos, scroll down the screen to WeatherNation on Demand where you'll find the following topics:

  • WeatherNation Now Top Stories
  • WeatherNation Now Headlines
  • WeatherNation now Top Severe
  • Extended Outlook
  • Travel Forecast
  • Northeast Forecast
  • Southeast Forecast
  • Central Forecast
  • Upper Midwest Forecast
  • California Nevada Forecast
  • Four Corners Forecast
  • Northwest Regional Forecast
  • High Plains Forecast
  • South Forecast
  • Alaska Hawaii Forecast

Hourly Forecast - In a not-at-all intuitive interface design decision, WeatherNation placed the hourly forecast behind the current conditions box. Select the current conditions (the leftmost box on the home screen) for an hour-by-hour forecast for the next 24 hours.

36-hour Forecast - This selection is more intuitive, being labeled as such. You'll find a generalized forecast for the next day/night forecast periods (such as tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night, etc.)

Extended Forecast - The little calendar icon will bring up a 7-day graphical forecast showing sky conditions, high and low temps, and probability of precipitation.

Weather Advisories - Forecasts, warnings, and other advisories, if any, for you current city will be shown when you select the exclamation point in a triangle button.

Radar and Weather Maps - To the far right of the home screen you'll find radar and maps. When selected, you'll find the current regional radar. The + and - buttons let you scroll in and out. Select "View Mode (Radar)" from the bottom of the screen for a choice of 9 maps:

  • Radar
  • Infrared Satellite
  • Visible Satellite
  • Global Infrared Satellite
  • Advisories
  • Current Temperatures
  • Current Winds
  • Current Dew Points
  • Current Humidity
  • Current Wind Chill
  • Current Heat Index

For more information on Roku weather channels, please see our article "The Best Weather Channels on Roku."

-- Information is current as of June 25, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Local weather forecasts tailored for you. This free and easy to use award-winning app streams live weather newscasts from certified meteorologists, provides your local weather data, local weather alerts (U.S. only) from NWS (National Weather Service), weather maps and more. Make decisions about your day or next vacation! Get weather data anytime. Features include: Track current conditions, forecasts and NWS alerts (U.S. only) for your location or save your favorite places to easily access. Access weather maps (U.S. Only) with multiple layers like Radar, Visible Radar, Current Winds, Current Dew Points, Advisories and more. Access video on demand segments from Weather on Demand, Weather Remix, Digital Drop and Space & Science. Current Temperature, Feels like Temperature, Forecasted High/Low Temperatures and Hourly Views for the next 24 Hours with Wind Speed, Humidity, Dew Point, Barometric Pressure and Percentage Chance of Precipitation. 36 Hour View with High/Low temperatures, Feels like Temperatures and Percentage Chance of Precipitation, Extended Forecasts with Forecasted high/Low Temperatures, Wind Speed, Humidity, Dew Point, Barometric Pressure, Percentage Chance of Precipitation and Sunrise/Sunset information. It’s weather 24/7/365. Get started and get weather aware. Get the only Weather app with live streaming and weather news stories. WeatherNation - Weather. Pure and Simple.

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