WeatherFlow Data Viewer

Quick Look: The WeatherFlow Data Viewer allows app subscribers the ability to access weather information from the Weatherflow system of private weather stations throughout the world. To view data from any station, just enter any publicly-viewable station number into the Roku app. You can find station numbers by going to in a web browser and selecting the station you want to view. The station number is the 4- or 5-digit number found after /map/. For example, if you select a station in Portugal with the URL, the station number to enter in the Roku app is 66499.

Information provided includes the following, although not all WeatherFlow stations provide all of this data:

  • Location or name provided by WeatherFlow station owner
  • Timestamp
  • Air Temp
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Average Wind
  • Wind Gust
  • Wind Direction
  • Today's Rain

Keep in mind that the data provided by these weather stations may not be as accurate as you'll find from government or commercial sources. These are private weather stations and may be set up in an owner's backyard or on the rooftop of a business. Most will have no calibration after leaving the factory and may not be in a location indicative of the local weather. I have seen similar consumer-level weather stations set up under trees, in locations where the wind is blocked, and the rain gauge on my own weather station periodically gets clogged by berries dropped by birds that like to perch on the rain gauge's funnel rim.

However, if you own a WeatherFlow weather station and want to view your own data from your Roku, this is an excellent app for doing so. And that is likely the primary intent, as the app itself provides no means of browsing stations by map or other location method.

-- Information is current as of April 14, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: This application will display weather statistics supplied by WeatherFlow stations.

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DEVELOPER: SJP Development

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