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Weather Screensaver

Quick Look: Weather Screensaver displays local weather conditions and a 5-day weather forecast for any location you select while your Roku is idle. Data displayed includes the current actual temperature and "feels like" temperature, sky cover, and wind speed and direction, along with sunrise, sunset, and current times.

A slideshow of hundreds of beautiful scenic images is shown behind the weather display, as shown in the screenshot below. What's even better is that the background images are relevant to the current local conditions, so you should see rain pictures when it's raining, snow pictures when it's snowing, etc. The pictures are also often relevant to the time of day, so after sunset, you should see darker, nighttime images, whenever possible.

Although you may worry that the weather display is static and could result in screen burn-in, it does actually move around your screen in a 40 pixel diameter circle over a two-hour period.  If you watch it long enough, you should see it tick over a pixel every few minutes.

-- Information is current as of December 20, 2019

Developer's Channel Description: Hyperlocalized 5-day weather forecasts and current conditions combined with 100s of beautiful full HD backgrounds.

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FEES: $0.99/month subscription through the Roku channel store

Weather Screensaver on Roku
Weather Screensaver on Roku