Quick Look: VET Tv bills itself as "the Comedy Central of the military, brought to you in a streaming service just like Netflix" and promises "dark, perverted, inappropriate, controversial, and irreverent military humor- created by and for veterans, without civilian influence." Programming includes the following (descriptions as provided on the VET Tv website):

  • Checkpoint Charlie - Outside of Army Base Fort Stewart, on Checkpoint Charlie, we witness the classic battle between soldiers who skate and soldiers who actually care, there can only be one victor.
  • Kill, Die, Laugh 2.0 - We shine a comedic light on hard-hitting subjects in the military. not for the faint of heart, enjoy!
  • The Let Down - Two Navy veterans working at the Independent Entertainment Channel, embark on misadventures in the hope of making a touching veteran documentary.

Those are just a few of the full-episodes shows available, and much more content is available as short sketches, trailers, and live shows. The channel is free to add, so you can browse all of the content before subscribing, and there are several free shows available as well. If you do subscribe, you'll find it's less expensive to do so through the VET Tv website than through the Roku channel; see the Fees section below.

In addition to this Roku channel, VET Tv is available on iPhone, iPad, AirPlay, Xbox One, Kindle Fire, and Chromecast.

An example of the programming available on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of January 31, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Watch TV shows and movies offering the insider view of military life. Subscribe at any time to stream original content you can't find anywhere else.

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DEVELOPER: Veteran Entertainment Television

$5.99/month or $69.99/year through the Roku channel; in-channel subscription page says "3 None Free Trial" so it's unknown whether a free trial is being offered or not.
$5.00/month or $55.00/year through the VET Tv Website (link below).

VET Tv Website