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The Traveling Twosome Channel Quick Look: The Traveling Twosome are Louis and Char Magnifico, who star in their own show where they spend a day in the life of someone else's occupation or hometown. In A Day in the Life episodes currently on the Roku channel, Louis and Char live the life of professional wrestlers, an Elvis fan, and a prison guard, and also live life in the town of Hot Springs.

Other video categories on this channel are Competitions, which consists of three videos about Louis and Char holding their own paper football championship; Funny Videos; and Fake Commercials.

-- Information is current as of July 21, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Louis and Char Magnifico host a TV Show (A Day in the Life), Radio Show, and a Travel and Entertainment website. The TV Show features Louis and Char as they take on other people's jobs, hobbies, or towns. Check them out at

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