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Thai Tv provides a decent-sized collection of Thai-language movies in all of the usual genres like Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, and Romance. Titles include Three Cripples (2007), about two men and a one-legged woman who join a mafia gang bungle a kidnapping; Dead Bite (2011), a comedy/horror in which a band traveling by ship becomes stranded on Mermaid Island, and the locals hunt them down to make their forest goddess happy; and SuckSeed (2011), a comedy that follows the antics of three secondary school students who form a rock band to impress girls, but the band plays poorly and the members regularly end up as losers.

All of the films we sampled were in their original Thai language with no English subtitles.

-- Information is current as of May 19, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Thai Tv is one of the best sources for finding addictive Thai dramas to binge. You can also find Thai variety shows, movies, and other content. With a huge library updated daily with new and classic tv series.

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