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Quick Look: On the StuffWeLike channel, gamers will find reviews of the latest games and coverage of their midnight launches. Tech geeks will find reviews of and unboxings of the latest gadgets. If you don't want to read reviews (like you're doing now) and would prefer to sit back with a remote and watch them instead, this is your channel.

The Reviews on the StuffWeLike channel are done in a video blog format. There aren't any gee-whiz special effects, no studio blue-screen, no graphics - just host David Rodriguez standing in front of the camera speed-talking his way through whatever he's reviewing, which is usually a video game or DVD.

Since I reviewed the StuffWeLike in it's original format, the channel has been revamped and upgraded, offering much more content. In addition to reviews, which has its own category, there is an "Unboxings" category that shows the opening of video and gaming DVDs and electronic gadgets, showing you exactly what you get in the packages. There are also special-topic categories that feature mostly game releases, like the Halo Anniversary, Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3 launches. You'll also find coverage of E3 2011, the annual video game conference, and interviews with cast members from Supah Ninjas, an action-comedy series on Nickelodeon.

If you're just considering a new game or gaming device, check out the StuffWeLike Roku channel to see if Rodriguez has reviewed it. But if you're truly excited by action and role-playing games, the midnight launch of the latest Xbox 360 game, and the thought of opening a new Bluetooth game controller, then this channel is definitely for you, as long as you don't mind watching a 20-second commercial before the start of most videos. StuffWeLike makes use of the adRise commercial delivery service that has exactly two commercials in its inventory: two Mike Rowe Ford commercials that are quickly becoming ubiquitous on Roku. But I didn't get the commercials on every video, and somebody has to pay the bills, so don't let the ads keep you away from this channel.

Developer's Channel Description: Video games, movies, television, tech… there's a lot to like. Join host David Rodriguez every day as he obsesses over the latest and greatest in gadgets and entertainment. For more geekery, visit on the web.

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