The Starlost

The StarlostRokuGuide Quick Look: The Starlost is a single livestream broadcast of the 1973 Sci-Fi series of the same name. The series revolves around three characters, Devon, Rachel, and Garth, who live on the Earth ship Arc, a giant mufti-generational starship comprised of dozens of biospheres that have become segregated due to an accident. Four hundred years after the accident and realizing the ship is on a collision course with a distant star, the three decide to start exploring the ship looking for a way to override the navigation system and correct its current course. On their journey the crew starts realizing that there is more to their world than their own Biosphere as they have interactions with other cultures that have been separated for hundreds of years.

The episodes are each one-hour long and are ad-sponsored. The 16 episodes run in order. You can pause an episode and you can advance to the next episode or jump to the previous one, and your place will be saved if you leave the channel.

To locate specific episodes, you can search by title or actor by pressing the star (*) key on your remote. A complete list of episodes with a brief synopsis of each can be found here.

-- Information is current as of October 27, 2014

Developer's Channel Description:The original science fiction series, presented in a continuous live format.

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DEVELOPER: Instant TV Channel

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