Quick Look: SomaFM is a listener-supported, commercial-free, Internet-only radio station with over 40 channels of music, all "hand-picked by SomaFM's award-winning DJs and music directors," including the following:

  • Left Coast 70s - Mellow album rock from the Seventies. Yacht friendly.
  • BAGeL Radio - What alternative rock radio should sound like.
  • Digitalis - Digitally affected analog rock to calm the agitated heart. Screengazing encouraged.
  • Folk Forward - Indie folk, alternative folk, folk punk, and the occasional folk classic.
  • Indie Pop Rocks! - New and classic favorite indie pop tracks.
  • PopTron! - Electropop and indie dance rock with sparkle and pop.
  • Underground 80s - Early 80s UK Synthpop and a bit of New Wave.
  • Deep Space One - A soundtrack for deep space exploration, both inner and outer.
  • Drone Zone - Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.
  • Groove Salad - A nicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves.
  • Mission Control - Live and historic NASA mission audio mixed with electronic ambient.
  • SF 10-33 - Ambient music mixed with the sounds of San Francisco public safety radio traffic.
  • Boot Liquor - Americana roots music with a bit of attitude. For Cowhands, Cowpokes and Cowtippers.
  • ThistleRadio - Exploring music from Celtic roots and branches.
  • Black Rock FM - From the Playa to the world, for the annual Burning Man festival.
  • Covers - Just Covers. Songs you know by artists you don't. We've got you covered.
  • Beat Blender - A late night blend of deep-house and downtempo chill.
  • cliqhop idm - Blips'n'beeps backed mostly w/beats. Intelligent Dance Music.
  • DEF CON Radio - Music for Hacking. The DEF CON Year-Round Channel.
  • Digitalis - Digitally affected analog rock to calm the agitated heart.
  • Dubstep Beyond - Dub Step Beyond: The place for Bass Music! Dubstep, Dub and Deep Bass. May damage speakers at high volume.
  • Fluid - Drown in the electronic sound of instrumental hiphop, future soul and liquid trap.
  • Lush - Sensuous and mellow vocals, mostly female, with an electronic influence.
  • Space Station Soma - Tune in, turn on, space out. Spaced-out ambient and mid-tempo electronica
  • The Trip - Progressive house / trance. Tip top tunes.
  • Sonic Universe - A mix of avant garde jazz, euro jazz and nu jazz. Eclectic takes on traditional jazz.
  • Secret Agent - The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too!
  • Illinois Street Lounge - Classic bachelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow.
  • Metal Detector - From black to doom, prog to sludge, thrash to post, stoner to crossover, punk to industrial.
  • Seven Inch Soul - Vintage tracks from the original 45 RPM vinyl.
  • Suburbs of Goa - Desi-influenced Asian world beats and beyond.

SomaFM on Roku allows you to "favorite" any music channel by selection the heart emblem at the top of the screen while a channel is streaming. SomeFM is free and has no commercials, but donations to keep SomaFM operating can be made at, or you can support the streaming service by buying some awesome swag at

-- Information is current as of December 23, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: Over 25 unique channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting from San Francisco. Home to Groove Salad, Drone Zone, Indie Pop Rocks, Boot Liquor, Underground 80s, Sonic Universe and more. All music hand-picked by SomaFM's award-winning DJs and music directors.

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FEES: None, but the station is listener-supported; donations can be made here.

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