SmartSenior Quick Look: SmartWoman is a compilation of videos of interest to seniors from a variety of YouTube channel producers. Videos are offered under the following topics:

  • Lifestyle: Gardening
  • Lifestyle: Green Living
  • Home: Fitness: Breathing Techniques
  • Home: Fitness: Insomnia Relief
  • Home: Fitness: Meditation
  • Home: Diet: Diabetes Diet
  • Home: Diet: Heart Food
  • Home: Health: Allergies
  • Home: Health: Arthritis
  • Home: Health: Breast Cancer
  • Home: Health: Cardiovascular
  • Home: Health: Depression
  • Home: Health: Eye Health
  • Home: Health: Heart Attack
  • Home: Health: Prostrate Cancer
  • Home: Health: Smoking Issues
  • Home: Health: Survivor Stories
  • Home: Comedy: Pranks
  • Home: Comedy: Funny Babies
  • Home: Travel: Cruise
  • Home: Travel: Family Travel
  • Home: Technology: News
  • Home: Technology: User Guide

-- Information is current as of November 15, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: SmartSenior is a an easy to use channel made for seniors to entertain, inform and educate them on topics of their interest such as health, travel, organic living, relationship, games, science, news and more.

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

FEES: None