Slinger offers a modest library of movie from the 1930s through the 80s. You'll recognize a few titles from 70s and 80, like The Exorcist (1978), Blue Lagoon (1980), and... well - okay, those are the only two we recognized. Mostly, this is a collection of vintage public domain films from the 40s and 50s, with some B-movies and drive-in flicks from the 60s with a heavy emphasis on horror. Categories include the following, and several more:

  • Beach and Ocean
  • Drive-In, Grindhouse, Van'sploitation, Sex'ploitation, Boob'sploitation
  • Drama and Romance
  • Westerns
  • War and Military
  • Horror
  • Ghosts
  • Mummies and Zombies Don't Wait for Halloween

If you don't want to spend $5 per month to watch old films, there are "daily freebies" that at the time of our review included such titles as Long Gone (1987), a made-for-TV movie from HBO that tells the story of the Tampico Stogies, a low minor-league baseball team, and its star player and manager, Stud' Cantrell, as they battle for the league championship amidst the corruption and racism of the American south; Raiders of Old California (1957), about a crooked U.S. Cavalry Captain and his men who, at the end of the Mexican-American War, force a captive Mexican officer to sign the deeds to his vast lands and large hacienda over to the Captain; and Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961), in which Gidget and her boyfriend Moondoggie have a lovers' spat, after which Gidget goes to sulk in Hawaii with her parents until her dad sends for Moondoggie, and the couple reunite just as Gidget gets romantic with another man.

-- Information is current as of April 14, 2023

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FEES: Very limited free movies; full access for $2.99 for first month then $4.99/month, cancel anytime