Screensavers is an app with 22 manually-activated screensavers; they cannot be set as a default Roku screensaver that launches when your Roku has been idle for a set amount of time.

Screensavers available in this app include the following (some of these require a subscription; see fees below):

  • Aquarium - An animated undersea world; the graphics are cartoonish, but in a good way - similar to Spongebob's Bikini Bottom.
  • Google Photos - Display photos from your Google Photos account (requires link to a account).
  • Words - Expand your vocabulary with random words and their definitions shown one at time, changing every few seconds.
  • Pong - A simulation of the simple table tennis-style video game from the 1970s, with nothing more than the ball bouncing back and forth between two paddles.
  • Photos 20k+ - Display photos from up to 20 collections such as Animals & Insects, Barns & Cabins, Desert, and Floral.

You can also select background music from a range of genres that include Acoustic, Hard Rock and Metal, Jazz, and Piano. Or listen to bedtime stories.

-- Information is current as of February 6, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Choose from a variety of screensavers such as Aquarium, Google Photos, News, Over 20k amazing photos and more

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DEVELOPER: Stegman Company LLC

FEES: Some screensavers in the app are free; $1.99/month for full access