RESORT TV has four live streams that feature outdoor, vacation, and adventure shows:

  • Resort TV - Despite the name, this stream is actually the free live stream of adventure films and series from Outside TV, also available on the Outside Roku channel.
  • Resort News Network - This stream is not about resort news, but is the live stream of NEWSnet, a U.S. news network shown on digital sub-channels in many television markets and also available for free at NEWSnet "broadcast[s] a tightly-formatted 30-minute newswheel 24 hours a day (with a 90-minute break on weekend late mornings), incorporating freshly-updated information that covers various areas of interest (such as national news, sports, entertainment, weather and business).[1]"
  • Fun Roads is a live stream network available on several cable systems and as a digital sub-channel in several dozen TV markets, and is also available in the Glewed.TV Roku app. The channel airs travel shows related to outdoor sports and adventures.
  • At Your Leisure - This is "a family oriented outdoor and travel show focused on the western United States. Our weekly itinerary includes both motorized and non-motorized destinations and activities, cool new product reviews and suggestions on how to get the most of a weekend or week in the west."

In addition to the live streams, RESORT TV also has a handful of episodes of At Your Leisure available on demand.

-- Information is current as of November 11, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Resort TV - Hyper- Local news and adventure shows that are engaging, entertaining, informative, and consistent with the viewer's active lifestyle and visiting tourists worldwide.

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DEVELOPER: Resort News Network, Inc.

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