RealTV currently offers over 50 animated movies for children. Ignore the Roku Channel Store desciption - there are no documentaries here. Representative films include the following (summaries courtesy of

  • Bible Town (2017) - Three friends travel to a place where all of the inhabitants tell inspirational Bible stories.
  • Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies 2 (2019) - It's time to buzz into a spectacular insect-adventure with a bug's-eye view of the habits and habitats of actual insects. Learn incredible facts about some amazing little creatures that will fascinate and inspire kids.
  • Kung Fu Monkey (2019) - When an evil monster rises in the heart of China, one chosen boy must fight him, but first he needs to learn a few tricks from a very masterly monkey.
  • Haunted Transylvania 3 (2019) - This Halloween, Turn your home into a haunted house party with songs, sights and frights! Sing-Along and dance all night in this fun halloween celebration. Spend some time with the dancing Skeletons, twist your hip with Frankenstein and jump around with Dracula.
  • Pup Scouts (2018) - When General Hotdog assembles his new pup recruits BooBear and Piper to learn all there is to know about the fascinating world of dogs, the two pups jump in their planes and go for a amazing learning adventure around the globe guided by their know-it-all friend Scuzzy Bot.

-- Information is current as of September 1, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Everyone Seems to be Making a Documentary, but the best documentary films go beyond simply filming real life and uploading it to the internet. They put real life into context. Not only do they reveal our world to us, but they shape how we view it, they reshape it and change our understanding of the world. They teach us about the people that surround us – and the truly successful documentaries make us rethink our ideas of ourselves.

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