Quick Look: Quartet is a game that requires quick reflexes and quick thinking. The game board consists of five panels - one in the center and four panels on the sides (top, bottom, left and right). The center panel is where the images originate from and you need to move them to the appropriate location in one of the four surrounding panels.

The game starts out with six lives; each wrong decision costs a life, however clearing a board will award you with an additional life. When the game begins you use your remote arrow keys to position each image into one of the adjacent panels. The images appear in the location they need to be moved to (upper left/right, lower left/right) corner of each panel to create a whole face. Slow reactions will result in a loss of one life. The faces can be mixed using various components from each image, however more points are awarded when you complete a face of the same pieces.

The game doesn't have a huge number of ads, but for $1.99 all ads will be removed.

When starting the game click on the music OFF, it was a bit much.

-- Information is current as of December 4, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: The objective of Quartet is to assemble complete faces by moving tiles into four available areas on the game board. You get more points if you make a 'full face' of the same robot - but you have to think fast as the timer is relentlessly counting down! The player starts with 6 lives but every time the the board is cleared a new life is achieved.

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DEVELOPER: Marcelo Lv Cabral

FEES: No fees using ad- sponsored version; ad-free version is $1.99 one-time purchase.