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Quick Look: Predator Outdoors TV is an outdoor network with a strong emphasis on hunting. The channel is comprised of several different shows which include:

  • Simply Outdoors - A Michigan-based outdoor hunting and fishing show that encourages people of all ages to engage in outdoor pursuits as well as work to support our local and national outdoor organizations.
  • Rockwell Outdoors - A hunting show that emphasizes the importance of 100% fair chase hunts, and are more about the adventure and less about the size of the animal.
  • Gods Country Outdoors - A hunting and fishing show that travels around the country in search of big game
  • Bowhunter's World TV - A realistic look at hunting in the pursuit of "every legal animal that runs, flies, swims or slithers."
  • Calm Before the Kill - An "out of the ordinary" show that will take you on a thrill ride right along side of us... Whether in the woods or on the water, you're gonna feel the rush!"
  • Blood Brothers Adventures - This program does not have any content except for a brief 30-second trailer

None of the programs offer full seasons, and some have just been launched so new content should be added as time goes on. Below is a sample video from the show Gods Country.

Gods Country- Ep- Salmon Fishing and Grayson's First Deer from Predator Outdoors on Vimeo.

-- Information is current as of June 4, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Predator Outdoors TV is an outdoor network committed to YOU the viewer. We strive to bring you quality outdoor programming that is "PRIME TIME ANYTIME
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DEVELOPER: Predator By Birth Productions

FEES: None

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