Quick Look: PCM TV from Pro Cannabis Media contains an extensive library of informational cannabis videos from some of the leaders and innovators in the cannabis industry. The channel is designed to inform and educate while removing the negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with cannabis and its users. Long gone are the days of associating cannabis with the long haired hippies and degenerates of the 60s and 70s. Today's cannabis consumers are well educated professionals who enjoy all of the medical of cannabis use, as well as benefits from the relaxation associated with cannabis.

Content is available in the following categories, all of which are hosted and endorsed by some of the industry's leading professionals that include CEOs of major cannabis companies.

  • In The Weeds with Jimmy Young
  • Weed Talk News
  • The Green Rush
  • The Green Nurse Group
  • Vote Pro Pot Cast
  • Cannacooks.
  • Emerald Media Group

There are several other cannabis-related channels available on Roku, but they do not contain nearly the amount of content available on PCM TV.

The PCM TV YouTube channel contains many free videos as well, including the one below.

-- Information is current as of May 21, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: PCM TV is the home for Pro Cannabis Media Network, a group of quality content producers who give a voice to the cannabis industry. We stream our content 24-7 including 3 hours of fresh original content every week with In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, Weed Talk News, and The Green Rush Live- The business of cannabis from 4-6PM EST. Affiliates who share their shows include The Green Nurse Group, Vote Pro Pot Cast, Cannacooks.com, and the Emerald Media Group out of NY. Our goal is to connect the East Coast Cannabis Market with the mature West Coast and Colorado.

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