OutdoorClass: Hunting Courses

OutdoorClass: Hunting Courses currently includes ten classes in hunting and cooking game animals:

  • Finding Mule Deer with Remi Warren
  • Western Big Game Cooking with Jaime Teigen
  • Rifle Elk Hunting with Randy Newberg
  • Calling Elk in the re-Rut & Peak-Rut with Corey Jacobsen
  • Gear Collection
  • Rifle Collection
  • Archery Collection
  • E-Scouting Collection
  • Glassing Collection
  • Grilling Collection

Only the first four are full classes, with the remainder (the "collections) appearing to be videos from the four classes rearranged under the collection topics. As for those four classes, each one has between 14 and 18 videos that range from only a couple of minutes to nearly a half-hour each, although most run around 10 to 15 minutes.

Although only four classes are currently online, the OutdoorClass website lists seven upcoming lessons: Bri Van Scotter - Cooking What You Kill, Ryan Lampers - Western Backcountry Hunting, John Barklow - Wilderness Survival, Brian Call - Western Backcountry Hunting, Mark Livesay - Next Level E-scouting, Hank Shaw - Cooking Venison, and Larry White - Wild Game Cooking Techniques.

All videos on the Roku channel are locked, but you can browse the video library before subscribing. A promotional video for OutdoorClass can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of June 23, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: OutdoorClass educates and inspires veteran & aspiring hunters through the expertise of the world’s best. With professionally produced courses taught by the world's leading outdoor experts, OutdoorClass is the only place you can get unlimited access to top-level hunting knowledge. Access your courses wherever you need them thanks to mobile downloading options, or watch at home on your favorite device. Whatever your skill level, there’s always more to learn—grow your skills and explore the unknown with OutdoorClass.

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DEVELOPER: Outdoor Class LLC

FEES: $99.99/year