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Ora TV Quick Look: Ora TV's claim to fame is being the "New Home of Larry King." But you won't find him on the Ora TV Roku channel. What you will find are videos from the Daily Rehash and Newsbreaker series.

Daily Rehash offers short TMZ-style videos that profile the latest celebrity mishaps like Justin Bieber relieving himself in a restaurant mop bucket and saying "F**ck you, Bill Clinton." Newsbreaker... well, it's the same sort of content, featuring videos with titles that include "Bus Driver Booted From Job After He's Caught Masturbating", and a story about Bill Clinton calling Bieber after he was caught peeing into a restaurant mop bucket and saying "F**ck you, Bill Clinton." Yes, Bielebers will find a lot to love or hate about this Roku channel.

The YouTube video below shows content typical of this channel.

-- Information is current as of July 12, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Ora is a new on-demand network, where the best of TV meets the best of the web.

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