Nufu promises subscribers the ability to watch all 272 NFL games live and ad-free with no blackout restrictions through "official commercial-free feeds that are 100% legal and based in the United States." Pricing is available for weekly, monthly, bi-annual, and annual intervals and all plans include "NFL Redzone, NFL Network, Game Replay, Out of Market Games and 100+ premium sports channels." Oddly the Nufu website says that Super Bowl LIV is also included, but fan know that this is the culmination of the 2019 season, not the current season.

We signed up for the Nufu 2-day free trial and the service does provide a large collection of sports channels in HD quality. In addition to NFL Network, Red Zone and Red Zone 2, PAC 12 Network, SEC Network, Tennis Channel, NBA TV, NHL Network, and MLB Network, you'll find a large lineup of regional sports channels from Bally Sports, Fox Sports, AT&T, NBC Sports, and many more. Also included are non-sports cable channels like Fox News, Fox Business, Weather Channel, CNBC, TBS, History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, A&E, and Cartoon Network. What's not currently available are the promised replays. The NFL Week 1 games are listed in the channel's menu, but there is no content behind the listings.

Potential subscribers may want to proceed with caution. As we said above, the promised game replays are listed in the Nufu Roku channel menu, but there are no actual videos for them. We have been unable to locate any reviews or other information regarding Nufu or its NFL streaming service; the Nufu website has a reviews menu item, but there are no reviews there. Also, the Nufu website was only recently registered (June 2023) and for only a 1-year period, indicating no track record for the service, and it has a number of grammatical and punctuation errors. If you've been using Nufu, please share your experience in the comments section below.

-- Information is current as of September 15, 2023

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