Quick Look: MostAmazingTop10 is a YouTube-based channel containing hundreds of video compilations covering "mysterious, strange, scary, funny, interesting, educational, and mind-blowing facts." Videos can be found in the following categories and include titles such as "Demons You Should Never Summon," "Darkest Thanksgiving Horror Stories," "Cursed Disney Characters," and "Scary SCP Monsters from Parallel Universes."

  • Dark Hidden Messages in Songs
  • Top 10 Marathons
  • Top 10 Karen Freakouts
  • Top 10 Scary SCP Videos
  • Top 10 Scary Cartoons
  • Top 10 Central
  • Top 10 Scary Stories that Might be Real
  • Beyond the Screen
  • The Prison Life: Season 1
  • Top 10 Scary Urban Legends
  • Top 10 Scary Videos that will Keep you up at Night

Below is one of the many videos currently available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of January 7, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to MostAmazingTop10, a channel that produces daily videos on topics surrounding mysterious, strange, scary, funny, interesting, educational, and mind-blowing facts.

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