Meow World

Meow World is a live stream of cat and kitten videos accompanied by soothing background music, with titles such as "Purring Kittens" and "Nature's Best Therapy." These are professional-level recordings, not TikTok or YouTube videos caught on cell phones. You'll see kittens playing on grassy lawns, cats cuddling with their owners, and many other cute scenes that cat-lovers can spend hours watching. And, lucky for the cat lovers, these videos are long - we previewed three videos and the shortest was just over 3-1/2 hours with the other two running more than 10 hours in length.

The videos are not interrupted by commercial breaks, but a small box in the upper righthand corner plays ads at frequent intervals. You cannot skip videos, but you can rewind or fast-forward. The channel can be slow to load, but hang in there - we had no buffering problems once a video started playing.

-- Information is current as of April 4, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: In Meow World you'll find the most adorable and playful cats, big and small, as they interact with their favorite people. From fluffy kittens chasing strings to majestic felines lounging in the sun, this channel is the perfect destination for any cat lover. Enjoy endless cuteness and heartwarming moments with our furry friends!

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DEVELOPER: Couchmore

FEES: None