The Louie Channel

The Louie Channel presents videos from Louie Schwartzberg, an American director, producer, and cinematographer who is recognized as a pioneer in high-end time-lapse cinematography. Schwartzberg is also known for his direction of films that include 2019's Fantastic Fungi and the 2014 Netflix series Moving Art.

On this Roku channel, you'll find content in the following categories:

  • Gratitude - The main content here is expected to be a 21-day series of daily affirmations with Schwartzberg; listed as "coming soon"
  • Fantastic Fungi - Excerpts from the Voices From The Underground series from the Fantastic Fungi Global Summit. -more epissodes coming soone
  • Moving Art - "A collection of short films made to inspire us to protect our one and only home."
  • Wonder & Awe - "Conversations with incredible thought leaders, as they discuss Wonder & Awe with host Louie Schwartzberg and explore the intersection between art & science."

All content on The Louie Channel is free, but you will need to create a free account (which can be done from within the channel) to stream the videos. You can browse the video library without creating an account.

Although not available on The Louie Channel, a video from the Moving Art YouTube channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Louie Schwartzberg, award-winning director of Fantastic Fungi, Gratitude Revealed, and Netflix Moving Art series, shares his works spanning over 40 years of filming nature’s wonders from around the world. You are invited to experience curiosity, wonder, awe, and gratitude here, always discovering something new and magical. Enjoy whether you are by yourself, with your family, with your community, and we hope you will share this with someone who needs it. Enjoy!

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DEVELOPER: Louisville Films, Inc.

FEES: None, but a free account is required to stream videos